Linda Tan
Lucky Draw Winner JWCR 2014

The legendary medoc marathon has always been in my bucket list. Usually once the registration opens, all the slots are filled up within a matter of hours, and there would be a long line of waiting list. However I got really lucky during the Jakarta Wine and Cheese Run 2014, I won the door prize to Medoc Marathon's 30th anniversary! And to top it all, the organizers managed to get a slot for my husband, Kris to participate in the marathon. I am very grateful for the organizers' generosity?, their team's assistance and support in arranging the trip down to the details. 

The marathon started in the village of Pauillac. The theme this year was carnival of the worlds. Thousands of people wore fancy carnival costumes representing their countries and ran while drinking wine and eating cheese through the wineries in Medoc. They started to pour the wine at KM 8, where we had our first glass :) We ran through the beautiful vineyards and chateaus, took many many pictures with other runners in crazy outfits, had some oysters, and of course more grand crus before we passed the village of Lynch-Bages, the rest was a blur.

This year was an extremely hot year in Bordeaux, and we were wearing long sleeve black color beaded dayak costume with expansive feathery head dress. Definitely the wrong costumes for the season but the french love our costumes, along the run we heard them cheering us: magnifique! Exotique! If only they knew how much pain to wear the costume for 42 km under the blistering heat. At one point, I was so tempted to jump into the man made lake in one of the chateaus. But it was all worth it! We had our celebrity moments, we were stopped many times because people wanted to take our pictures, and we were also interviewed by the medoc marathon camera crews along the run. We are so proud to be wearing Indonesian themed carnival costume!

At km 30, my heart rate felt like it shot up the roof and I couldn't quite tell if I was in the state of being tipsy or hang over, but I kept telling myself: do not pass out before finish line! And thankfully, I made it to finish line instead of stretcher! A new milestone is achieved, this was my first time running 42 km under alcohol influence. Upon entering the finish line, we were handed a medal, 2 wine glasses with 30th medoc marathon engraved on them and a bottle of wine. It felt glorious! This was one unforgettable experience, and I am so glad I am a part of Medoc's 30th anniversary marathon. A very heartfelt thank you to the organizers: Pak Soegianto Nagaria from PT. Summarecon and Pak Alexander Effendie from PT. Danisa Texindo who are generous to a fault and for arranging such an incredible trip.